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Urine Diagnostic Test

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We recommend that you complete a 24-hour Urine Analysis Test before starting a UMN nutritional supplement regimen. Here’s why: the urine analysis provides a window into your body's physiological function by gauging levels of colon toxicity, liver function, Vitamin C, calcium/magnesium, electrolytes/trace minerals, essential nutrients, fat storing/muscle building ability, and protein, fat and carbohydrate digestion and utilization.

The information from these tests combined with your answers from the online questionnaire allows us to create a custom supplement program targeted for your individual needs.

The urine analysis is convenient and can be done in the privacy of your own home. The urine analysis test kit contains everything needed for submitting a specimen, including a self-mailer. Urine analysis is conducted by an independent lab that recommends online your customized supplement program.

Purchase the Urine Diagnostic Test